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Your basement walls connected to your foundation can be an early warning sign location for problems you may be facing.

When this area is damaged, it is essential to get proper professional assistance.

At Dallas Metro Foundation Repair, we provide the services you need to properly perform the necessary repairs to your walls and bring back the strength and aesthetics of these areas in your home in the Dallas area. Quickly and accurately, we bring you the best repairs in town.

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Shifting walls

When you find yourself looking at your walls and noticing the gap along with your masonry, often at the grout line, you may see signs that your wall is moving. Several different things can cause this, but it gives you a rare glimpse of the problems ahead. The root cause of the change requires professional attention, as does the wall, and Dallas Metro Foundation Repair is here to provide the services aimed at both. Make sure your walls and foundations are in perfect condition and withstand the necessary stresses.


Cracks in basement walls can often be a precursor to foundation cracks. These are usually caused by pressure build-up outside the wall and impact your basement. It may also be because the trees on the property are growing their roots against your house and making the proper repairs to your walls; it also means discovering the problem behind the initial crack and finding the right solution. When it comes to any problem with your walls or foundation, you can be sure that our experts will get to the heart of the matter to deliver results.

Replacement material

When your wall materials have become damaged and brittle enough to start to crumble, then to get the proper service to replace those problems without compromising the integrity of the materials already in place, you need help – qualified professionals. At Dallas Metro Foundation Repair, we give you the expertise to ensure you get a perfect repair that will withstand the stress you need and provide the long-lasting results you are looking for in your Dallas-area home. Regardless of the level of damage, you can rely on us for excellent repair services.

Efficacy and long-lasting results

We understand the importance of your foundation and everything related to it and your plumbing or basement walls. You can be sure that you will receive the most experienced and knowledgeable service in town by contacting us. Every step we take is always a step in the direction that will provide your home with a solid and solid foundation to rest on for many years to come.

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