Surface Drains Dallas

If water collects on your lawn or garden, consider correcting the drain and installing a drain on your property.

After it rains, water near your foundation can cause foundation problems in your home or commercial building, requiring more extensive repairs.

Surface drainage systems are one type of drainage correction that you should consider for your flooded property.

How does the surface drainage system work?

Surface drainage systems are an example of a drainage patch that allows homeowners or businesses with poorly leveled terrain to remove excess water.

Surface drainage systems are generally made up of a series of underground pipes.

These pipes drain the collected water into sumps, which are usually 9- or 12-inch squares. Depending on the client’s preferences, the water can be drained to another part of the property, the street, or a pond to irrigate the garden and lawn.

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Where is it installed?

Surface drainage systems are effective in capturing rain runoff. If your home is not graded correctly, surface drainage systems can be strategically placed around your home’s foundation to collect and remove gutter water and roof runoff to prevent puddles from forming.

How to optimize your surface drainage system?

Surface drainage systems are great for removing excess water but are often used in conjunction with other drainage correction strategies. This can include drainage grates built into your property’s driveway or walkway. They can also be used in conjunction with underground drainage systems such as French drains.

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