Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Dallas

Have you noticed any cracks in the corners of the walls, door, or window frames? Have your interior floors started to swell or separate? Are the doors of your house difficult to close? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, you might require pier and beam foundation repair.

What is a Pier and Beam Foundation?

A pier and beam base is made of treated wood that rests on blocks, called piers, to create space under the house. Having the Pier and Beam Foundation can give you these benefits:


Clay soil in the Dallas area tends to expand and contract with changes in humidity. Under these soil conditions, the slab foundations tend to change, sometimes dramatically. Pier and beam foundations, on the other hand, are built on stilts so that you can expect less noticeable changes to your foundation.

Easy Access to Utilities

Pier and beam crawl space makes it easy to access utilities.

Less prone to flooding

Pier and beam foundations generally rise about 2-feet above the ground, which means they are less vulnerable to flooding.


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Call Us (817) 725-7873

How to Repair a Dock and Beam Base

There are different methods of repairing a pier and beam foundation. The first is to install pressed concrete or steel piers.

In other cases, steel foundation wedges are installed on existing foundation piers and support blocks. Steel wedges are more durable than wood wedges and can provide years of base preservation.

Pier and beam foundations can also be repaired by removing unstable or rotten wood from the foundation and replacing it with new beams and support beams.

Spread Footing

While these repair techniques work in some cases, Dallas Metro Foundation Repair uses an effective and efficient extended spread footing technique specifically designed to stabilize pier and beam structures.

Spread footings are often better than other repair methods because:

  • They are deeper than alternative pier and beam replacements.
  • They are reinforced with steel gratings that meet or exceed all current technical specifications.
  • They are the best possible repair option for crawl space abutment replacement.

Contact us for a free inspection to see if extended footing repair is the right solution for your pier and beam foundation.

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