French drains are useful in so many ways and we are the best contractors to provide foundation repairs in Dallas Metro. If your yard is soggy or you have a basement that is damp and wet, the best solution is a French drain. There are different types of drainage systems and we will be happy to provide the right one for your property. The essence of the drains is to make sure that the water gets a channel that it can flow through. Ideally, the French drains are made of gravel-filled trenches and there is a perforated pipe beneath the trench. As the water gets into the pipe, it will travel away from the house in a free manner.

French drains are convenient when you have to deal with surface water. As such, if your lawn or yard has stagnant water of there is water getting into your basement, you should consider having French drains. In addition, if you have a building project for a retaining wall, the French drains are the best solutions as they will keep the water away from the foundation of the wall. Our contractors are trained and skilled and we are able to solve all the foundation issues that are caused by poor drainage issues. All the property owners in Dallas Metro and the surrounding areas can trust us to deliver the best drainage systems.

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French Drains Services

The process of installing French drains in Dallas should be handled by experienced contractors who know what needs to be done. All our foundation repair contractors are skilled, trained, experienced, and knowledgeable. Our mission is to make sure that your foundation is protected by ensuring that the water drains away from your property. Where there is a lack of proper drainage even little rainwater can cause huge problems to the foundation. If the water is not drained, it will start seeping under your foundation and this can cause serious problems. With our professional help, we are able to install French drains in the best way possible.

The process of installing French drains takes about 2 days, depending on the specifications of the project. We have a great team of contractors who will position the drains in the trench such that they can dispense water away from your foundation. With such a drainage system in place, we will be able to prevent moisture, which causes the growth of mold and mildew. Generally, your French drains will be connected to the gutters, so as to ensure that the rainwater is discharged away from the foundation of the house. If your property is on a negative slope, you should contact us and allow us to install French drains. It is important to note that French drains are ideal for small amounts of water and moisture.

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