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Are you having problems with your property’s walls, both interior and exterior? Are your doors starting to get difficult to open or close due to these sudden wall cracks that you did not notice before? If you are beginning to notice all of these problems inside of your commercial building, then it might be time to have its pier and beam foundation repaired.

Using Pier & Beams for Residential Foundation Repair

Pier and beams are made out of treated wood that rests on concrete, called piers, to create space under a house or a building. Benefits of having Pier and Beam foundations in your business property or building:

  • It gives your commercial building/property stability

The clay soil in the Dallas, TX, area tends to expand due to humidity changes. Unlike slab foundations, Pier and beam foundations are built to last and are more stable.

  • It gives you easy access to utilities

The crawl space allows you to have easier access to utilities.

  • Pier and Beams are less prone to flooding

Pier and Beam foundations’ rise is fixed about 2-feet above the ground, which means they are prone to flooding issues that are common with our types of traditional foundations.

Repair Solutions for Pier and Beam Foundations

Here in our company, we offer specialized solutions when it comes to repairing Pier and Beam foundations. We have a team of fully trained concrete specialists skilled and equipped to fix any concrete problems that you’ll encounter, like Pier and Beam foundation issues.

We offer various methods in repairing Pier and Beam foundations; one key option is to install pressed concrete or steel piers.

We use or install steel foundation wedges on the current or existing pier and beams in some cases. This is because steel wedges are more durable and can last longer, which is good for foundation preservation.

Another repair option is to remove rotten or unstable wood from the foundation and replacing it with new ones.

Spread Footing

We also provide a strong and effective spread footing technique specifically designed to efficiently stabilize all types of Pier and Beam foundations.

Benefits of Spread Footing:

  • They are durable since they are reinforced with steel gratings that meet or exceed all current technical specifications.
  • They are also the best repair solution for crawl space abutment.

Why us?

If you think you have a problem with the pier and beam foundations, please do not hesitate to contact us. Delaying action will result in more extensive and more expensive repairs. 

If problems arise, we will diagnose the problem and get to work quickly to restore the integrity of your business property or commercial property/building’s foundation.

Our technicians are highly trained and are always equipped with the latest equipment for the best results in doing foundation repair and maintenance. We also ensure that our technicians are trained to do all required foundation inspections before providing professional foundation repair solutions.

Call us for a free estimate, a complete written contract, and a lifetime warranty on all repairs. We operate anywhere in the Dallas, TX, area, 24/7.